Cammeray Roadies was established in 2013 by a group of local riders who identified the need for a more organised cycling group to cater for the growing cycling community on Sydney's Lower North Shore area.

From experienced racers and riders, to those new to group riding, our club is made up of cyclists from all backgrounds and abilities. We always welcome new members and nearly all of our rides are 'non-drop', with ride groups to suit all paces.

We also place a strong focus on female riders and have a dedicated Women's Captain, as well as specific ladies' rides and events.

The most important thing about riding with the Roadies is to have fun and stay safe.


If you have a road bike and can comfortably ride 30km or more, you are welcome to join.

Why do people join our group?


Improve health & fitness





Improve skills


The kit!

We also have fun off the bike as well as through the year with planned social events that group members are able to join in.

Join via our TeamApp - we look forward to welcoming you on one of our rides shortly.


Our regular club rides are on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays generally starting at 6am. Friday is a 'coffee ride' (recovery ride) which is largely social and usually about 30km. We also have Tuesday Hills and Saturday rides of varying difficulties.
Check out some of the routes below.


Tuesday Mosman Hills


Friday Coffee


Saturday Extended

Additional non-official rides are often organised ad-hoc on our Facebook page.


There are some basic rules of group riding that everyone should be aware of when riding with us. These are in place to keep everyone safe. If you are every unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask the Ride Leader or post a question to our Facebook group.

  • Ride at a constant speed
  • Signal any change in pace
  • Point & call out obstacles
  • Remain aware of the bunch behind at all times
  • Pull away at a steady pace to prevent stringing out the bunch
  • Know the route and point out turns well in advance
  • Give plenty of warning when a lane change is needed
  • Make safe judgements for the whole group at junctions
  • Ease up the pace if requested
  • Rotate off the front when you feel your pace dropping
  • Listen to the pre-ride briefing
  • Ride in a predictable manner
  • Hold your line around corners
  • Maintain consistent speed
  • Relay (repeat) calls
  • Point out obstacles
  • Maintain a safe distance from the rider in front
  • Look forward at all times (unless checking lane changes)
  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Always be ready to brake
  • When riding two up, ride in line with the person next to you
  • Do not half wheel
  • Maintain the bunch
  • Make judgements on whether or not it is safe to change lanes
  • Call "OVER" to signal if it is safe to change lanes
  • Make the call to "EASE UP" if there are gaps in the group forming which are not being called by others
  • Call "CAR BACK" to warn the group of a vehicle approaching from behind
  • Call "ALL ON" to let the front riders know the group is united

A more detailed guide to group riding can be found here


For more information about the club, you can e-mail us here

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