Cammeray Roadies was established in 2013 from a group of local riders who identified that there needed to be a more organised cycling group to cater for the growing cycling community on Sydney's Lower North Shore area.

From experienced racers to riders new to group riding, our group is made up of cyclists from all backgrounds and abilities. We always welcome new riders and nearly all of our rides are 'non-drop' (i.e. we go at a pace everyone can maintain).

The most important thing about riding with us is to keep a sense of humour, have fun and stay safe.


Anyone with a road bike and who can comfortably ride 30km or more is welcome to join in. Why do people join our group?


Improve Fitness






Improve Skills



The Kit!


Thanks for your interest in the Cammeray Roadies!


Since its founding in 2013 by Gareth Lloyd, the Cammeray Roadies has been committed to expanding cycling in Sydney’s North Shore, so we’re always thrilled when new people want to join our ranks.


We ask prospective new members go through the checklist below:



1) Sign up to obtain AusCycling membership

  1. Lifestyle – designed for those who want to ride socially, for leisure or commuting and don’t want to race in competitions. This is for those who want affordable third party liability insurance and Personal Accident Insurance coverage + other benefits as noted.
  2. Race All Discipline – A competition license, insurance coverage while racing as well as all the ‘Lifestyle Membership’ benefits. This is the one for those who want to compete and race
    • Select the membership ‘join now’ option (Lifestyle or Race – selecting the annual membership option)
    • Click on the ‘Register’ button
    • Enter your details
    • Click on the ‘Next, Membership Information’ button
    • Enter your ‘State’ – New South Wales
    • Enter your ‘club’ – Cammeray Roadies
    • Click on the ‘Next, Member Information’ button
    • Enter the details as requested
    • Click on the ‘Next, Waiver’ button
    • If you agree, Select agree to the terms
    • Click on the ‘Next, Payment’ button
    • Enter your payment details and select to confirm.
    • An email will be sent to confirm your membership details

2) Join our Team App to view and join official rides. https://TeamApp

PLEASE NOTE: We will only approve Team App requests from AusCycling members.

3) While you are waiting, read through our Ride Guide. https://Rideguide

4) For your first ride, join a Friday morning ride with the C group, see how you feel, then go from there. Don't forget a helmet, lights, spare tubes, pump/co2, and bell!   That's really about it; there will be lots of people in each group that will make you feel welcome and safe on the road!


  • I'd like to give CR a try, can I do that?
    Yes, you can now purchase an AusCycling monthly membership with CR for under $10. If you are a member of AusCycling and have moved to the area, you can request a club transfer by contacting
  • I can’t make Friday mornings. Can I still ride with Cammeray Roadies?
    Yes, just shoot us an email at
  • Why haven’t I had my membership request on Team App approved yet?
    Either you haven't completed steps 2 & 3, or we simply haven’t got around to it yet. We’re run by a group of volunteers, so please be patient with us!
  • Am I fit enough to ride with Cammeray Roadies?
    Tough question over the Internet. We strive to be all-inclusive, but safety is our #1 priority, and a rider that's too far out of their depth can negatively impact safety.  If you feel you're not strong enough, hang around for our social functions and our occasional "intro" rides. These are at a very relaxed pace, and our members will offer no shortage of advice on how to get fast and fit!)


Facebook Group:


Strava Club:


Instagram: follow @cammeraycycling and tag your rides with #cammerayroadies


Facebook Page:


Our regular club ride is on Fridays at 6AM. This is a 'coffee ride' (recovery ride) which is purely social and usually about 30km.
We also have Tuesday and Saturday rides of varying difficulties.
Weekly rides generally consist of:


Tuesday Mosman Hills


Friday Coffee


Saturday Extended

Additional non-official rides are often organised ad-hoc on our Facebook page.


There are some basic rules of group riding that everyone should be aware of when riding with us. These are in place to keep everyone safe. If you are every unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask the ride leader or post a question to our Facebook group.

  • Ride at a constant speed
  • Signal any change in pace
  • Point & call out obstacles
  • Remain aware of the bunch behind at all times
  • Pull away at a steady pace to prevent stringing out the bunch
  • Know the route and point out turns well in advance
  • Give plenty of warning when a lane change is needed
  • Make safe judgements for the whole group at junctions
  • Ease up the pace if requested
  • Rotate off the front when you feel your pace dropping
  • Listen to the pre-ride briefing
  • Ride in a predictable manner
  • Hold your line around corners
  • Maintain consistent speed
  • Relay (repeat) calls
  • Point out obstacles
  • Maintain a safe distance from the rider in front
  • Look forward at all times (unless checking lane changes)
  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Always be ready to brake
  • When riding two up, ride in line with the person next to you
  • Do not half wheel
  • Maintain the bunch
  • Make judgements on whether or not it is safe to change lanes
  • Call "OVER" to signal if it is safe to change lanes
  • Make the call to "EASE UP" if there are gaps in the group forming which are not being called by others
  • Call "CAR BACK" to warn the group of a vehicle approaching from behind
  • Call "ALL ON" to let the front riders know the group is united

A more detailed guide to group riding can be found here

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For more information about the club, you can e-mail us here

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